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CE Contact Hours: 16
 "Oral Surgery for the General Dentist" was conceived and written specifically for the general dental practitioner. Dental students are often inadequately trained in, and exposed to, oral surgery techniques while in school. This clinical, step-by-step manual simplifies and demystifies general, everyday oral surgical procedures and provides the knowledge needed to perform these procedures ......


CE Contact Hours: 15
This cadaver-patient simulated course is designed to provide the participants the knowledge and confidence to place the ERA Implants that will support an overdenture. The ERA Implant is a tool to help address quality of life is issues as it pertains to denture patients using the only mini overdenture implant approved by the FDA for permanent use. It will identify for the general dentist which ......


CE Contact Hours: 16
Introduction - Lesions growing in the bone alter the osseous structure. These alterations are typically visible on radiographs. Diseases which destroy bone produce lesions which are radiolucent on x-rays. In the jaws, radiolucent lesions can result from inflammation,cysts or neoplasms. Diseases which synthethesize calcified material produce lesions which are radiopaque on x-rays. In the jaws, ......


CE Contact Hours: 20
Estimates indicate that edentulism has declined by 10 percent every decade and that only ninety percent of edentulous adults obtain and wear complete dentures.  However, this ten percent decline will be offset by 79% increase in the adult population older than 55 years of age.  Clinical implications are twofold: practicing dentists will find that a sizable minority of patients will ......


CE Contact Hours: 10
Fixed and removable prostheses can help provide oral health if proper attention is given to oral hygiene, pre-prosthetic periodontal therapy, minimal standards for prosthetic design, periodic continuous care. Based on extensive periodontal clinical research....


CE Contact Hours: 20
The seminar in Evidence-Based Practice and Endontic Treatment Outcomes outlined below provides dental healthcare professionals with accredited continuing dental education in a flexible and travel friendly format. ASI has provided accredited continuing education seminars for dental and medical professionals for 30 years. ASI is an approved provider of the AGD's PACE Program. Dental ......


CE Contact Hours: 20
Designed for all dental professionals, this course deals with a specifically compiled list of concisely-stated drug information pertaining to commonly prescribed medications. Information includes dosage, local anesthetic/ vasoconstricotr precautions, drug interactions, and effects on dental treatment....


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CE Contact Hours: 18
This course will review principles and procedures necessary for complete denture fabrication, including philosophy of denture prosthodontics and the clinical and laboratory components....


CE Contact Hours: 20
A reference for general dentists, dental hygienists and students that will prove to be a practical resource for both clinical and educational settings, stressing patient-centered, evidence-based diagnosis, treatment planning, and accepted modalities of periodontic therapy.It also emphasizes the notion that the goal of periodontal therapy should satisfy the needs of the patient- a lifetime of ......

The High Tech Power Practice:Module 5: Actual Stuff

CE Contact Hours: 2
This module is all about hardware, computers, printers, monitors and all the rest; actual stuff. Dr. Emmott will explain what to buy, what to pay and where to put it. The biggest technology expense for most dentists is hardware learn how to buy on the shoulder of the value curve you to get the best value for your investment. The module includes six keys to computers in the operatory, step by ......

The High Tech Power Practice: Module 4: Internet

CE Contact Hours: 3
The Internet will have a more profound effect on the world we live in than any technological advance of the last century. More than cars, planes, electronics, telecommunications and all the rest. It will affect our lives in ways we cannot yet even imagine. This module includes the six reasons to have an office web page and the four ways to drive traffic to your web page, a definition of Social ......