Aribex portable x-ray

Aribex NOMAD Pro – Handheld X-ray

Improving upon the original NOMAD model, the NOMAD Pro handheld intraoral X-ray system now offers a full-color LCD display screen, preset and programmable exposure settings, and additional time-saving features in a smaller, sleeker design. The operator can stand next to the patient, position the unit and take the radiograph. This system is safe to use and is well-suited for all general office use as well as children, sedated patients, or special needs patients. In addition to saving the operator time, the unit reduces the amount of time patients have to hold uncomfortable films on sensors in their mouths. The handheld unit weighs 5.5 lbs and is adaptable to settings outside the traditional operatory, including nursing homes or mobile units. The unit’s battery provides hundreds of diagnostic-quality radiographs in one charge.

• Handheld design allows the operator to safely stay with patient during X-ray procedures
• Take radiographs in 1/2 the time as with conventional X-ray systems
• Reduce number of retakes by up to 50%, while improving quality
• NOMAD Pro can be moved room to room eliminating the need for multiple units
• Portability is ideal for hospital, home-health, humanitarian, and out-of-office use

Aribex NOMAD – Handheld X-ray

NOMAD is a handheld intraoral X-ray system that is cordless, battery-powered, true DC, lightweight and simple-to-use. An external backscatter shield and unique internal radiation shielding ensure operator safety that exceeds regulatory requirements. NOMAD’s true portability doesn’t compromise the diagnostic quality of the X-ray images. It’s economical. In the office, NOMAD does the work of multiple conventional X-rays. Anytime… Anyplace... you need x-ray, NOMAD is there!

• Complete Mobility - cordless, battery powered, hand-held, office or field use
• Safe - scatter shield and internal shielding protect operator from radiation
• High Quality Radiographs - DC power, 0.4mm focal spot, no motion blur
• Compatible - use with film, digital sensors, phosphor plate media
• Easy Operation - simple controls, lightweight, fast convenient positioning
• Economical - serve multiple operatories or chairs with one unit
• True Value - useful in general and specialty practices

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