ET Series Carbides

Brasseler USA ET Series Carbides have straight blades to improve tactile feel as well as cutting and finishing efficiency. Followed in sequence, the multiple bladed instruments allow for quick and efficient contouring, finishing, and pre-polishing.

ET Series Diamonds

ET Series diamond instruments from Brasseler USA are designed based on the concept that the planes of a tooth are straight as they emerge from the sulcus, providing a straight emergence profile.

EX Series Trimming and Finishing Carbides

Brasseler USA introduces its new EX series crosscut trimming and finishing carbides that allow the dentist to finish all modern composites with greater efficiency.

Forza ELM Clinical Micromotor

The new Forza ELM from Brasseler USA is a celebration of details, from the lightweight titanium motor to the LED fiber optics. With the lightest motor in its class and a powerful 3.4 Ncm of torque, this clinical micromotor can be integrated into any dental delivery system.

Forza ELM Electric Handpiece

Brasseler USA

Forza ELM Electric Handpiece

With 3.4 Ncm of torque and a light motor, the Forza ELM is a game-changer for electric handpiece users.

When asked what they liked best about Brasseler USA’s Forza ELM electric handpiece, 6 of the 8 evaluators named ease of use. An evaluator with 8 years of experience described the handpiece as “consistent and great every time.”

According to Brasseler, the Forza ELM electric handpiece features a lightweight titanium motor, 3.4 Ncm of torque, and LED fiber optics. With a light motor (61 g) and powerful torque, the Forza ELM system can be easily integrated into any dental delivery system.

Eight dentists who have been using the Forza ELM for periods ranging from less than 6 months to more than 3 years evaluated the Forza ELM for Dental Product Shopper, rating features such as cutting accuracy/precision, ease of use, and noise level.

Forza ELS Clinical Micromotor

The new Forza ELS from Brasseler USA sets the standard for clinical micromotors with a powerful 3.0 Ncm of torque in a compact, lightweight design. Smooth, quiet, and versatile, the Forza ELS features two programmable settings and an easy-to-read digital speed display.

Forza F5 Highspeed Electric Attachment

The new Forza F5 from Brasseler USA is a 1:5 speed increasing electric attachment constructed of lightweight, high strength titanium.

Forza L50K Lab Motor

The Brasseler USA Forza L50K Lab Micromotor delivers uncompromising power throughout its advanced design. The cutting edge technology incorporated in the Forza L50K offers a massive 8.7 Ncm of torque and a speed range of 1,000-50,000 rpm.

Forza V3

Brasseler USA

Forza V3 Piezo Ultrasonic Handpiece

The Forza V3 piezo ultrasonic handpiece combines improved access, visibility, power delivery and patient comfort in a compact and intuitive design.

I like this product. I’ll probably replace my ultrasonic scalers with this when they quit,” said a California dentist who rated all features of the Forza V3 piezo ultrasonic handpiece as excellent.
Brasseler’s Forza V3 features an intuitive design that maximizes both efficacy and efficiency. The compact unit is ideal for a wide variety of applications, including general scaling, perio, endo, endo surgery, and restorative procedures.
The 14 dentists, endodontists and hygienists who evaluated the Forza V3 for Dental Product Shopper rated features such as plaque and calculus removal, access and visibility, and patient comfort.

HygienePro Air

The HygienePro™ Air is a triumph in ergonomic design for today’s busy dental hygiene professional. Weighing only 2.47 ounces the compact, lightweight design offers full swivel at your fingertips providing excellent maneuverability.