Available in both putty and paste, DynaBlast demineralized bone matrix with cancellous bone, from Keystone Dental, can be used either alone or as a bone graft extender indicated for augmentation or reconstructive treatment of the alveolar ridge.


DynaGraft-D from Keystone Dental is composed of a high content of human demineralized bone matrix in a reverse-phase medium and is designed to promote natural bone formation.


Keystone Dental’s DynaMatrix is a biological extracellular membrane that contains 2 of the 3 essential biological components required for healing—a matrix scaffold and signals, which are growth factors and extracellular membrane receptormediated binding sites.

DynaMatrix Plus

Keystone Dental announces the launch of DynaMatrix Plus, a soft-tissue regeneration product designed to serve as an alternative to a patient’s own tissue for root coverage and tissue bulking procedures.

Genesis Implant

The Genesis implant features micro threads that minimize pressure on the cortical bone along with aggressive macro threads for  primary mechanical stability, especially in soft bone—providing optimal insertion torque and immediate function in all bone types.

HB Anti-Fog Face Shield

Keystone Dental’s HB Anti-Fog Face Shield is a lightweight, disposable face shield that protects the eyes and face from accidental exposure to infections, hazardous, or undesirable substances.

Matrix Rolls and Bands

Keystone Dental’s Matrix Rolls and Bands are made of high quality medical grade stainless steel and they will not tear under stress.

Prima Implant System

The Prima Implant System from Keystone Dental offers clinical flexibility in a single implant system. The PrimaSolo one-piece implant is designed for strength and replicates a natural tooth preparation for common crown and bridge techniques.

Protective Eyewear

Keystone Dental’s Protective Eyewear has a unique spherical design that delivers a distortionfree view, even in the peripheral vision areas.