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The 4 Opportunities to Effectively Manage Your Money

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Target Audience: Dental Assistants, Dental Hygienist, Dentists

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The 4 Opportunities to Effectively Manage Your Money


When patient care is your primary passion, you don’t want to think about money. The problem is, you’re not only a dentist but also a small business owner that must deal with the issue of lost revenue due to a temporary COVID-19 closure. So, the money conversation is unavoidable. With practice revenues down, competition increasing, and team efficiency a consistent concern, it is more important than ever to revise your dental practice's money management strategy. As dentists reopen their practices, their practice management software may not have the digital workflow or integrated billing and collection solutions to quickly re-establish cash flow. Join Marty Jablow in a FREE webinar as he presents “The 4 Opportunities to Effectively Manage Your Money” and learn how Dentrix can help manage your money at every stage of the patient journey. With these tips and tricks, along with Dentrix integrated solutions, you can help your practice come back strong by connecting revenue cycle management tools to accelerate payment collections and grow your practice and profits.


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