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CASE PRESENTATION  Digital Radiography for Increased Efficiency and Patient Comfort

Categories: Digital Radiography

Author(s): Marty Jablow

    Digital radiography is nothing new, but our ability to use it efficiently continues to evolve. Whether using sensors or phosphor plate...

A Fully Integrated Diagnostic Process Through Advances in Scanning Technology

Categories: Digital Impressions, Digital Radiography

Author(s): Tim Nolting, Dr MSc, Frédéric Poirier, DDS, Thomas Giblin, BSc, BDent(Hons)

The iTero Element 5D imaging system is the first intraoral 3D scanner integrated with near-infrared imaging (NIRI) technology. NIRI has the potential...

Peer Reviewed Article: Acquisition of iTero Element Intraoral Scanners

Categories: CAD-CAM, Digital Impressions, Digital Radiography

Author(s): Michael M. Mackay, PhD, Robin Bethell, DDS, Joshua Epstein, DDS

Acquisition of iTero Element Intraoral Scanners: Three-Year Examination of Practice Volume Changes and Economic...

An Update on Digital Radiography

Categories: Digital Radiography

Author(s): Howard Glazer

First introduced in the 1980s, digital radiographic images can now be obtained using sensors and photostimulable phosphor (PSP) plates,...

Video: ScanX Swift by Air Techniques

Categories: Digital Radiography


Product Evaluation by Dr. Jeanine Pistilli, DDS for the ScanX Swift by Air Techniques.
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