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Get Liberated Now!

Categories: Practice Management

Author(s): Tanya Dunlap, PhD, Gary Kadi

Date: 05-20-2022 14:00:00 pm

Get Liberated Now!
The people-pleasing, non-confrontational Dentist’s guide to growing ethically and purposefully 
Every business—even a dental practice—needs to sell. Learn how to do it the right way. 

If selling makes you feel sleazy and uneasy, you’re doing it wrong! Diagnosis and case presentation simply involve sharing intelligent things with intelligent patients so they can make intelligent decisions. 
Most dentists fall into two camps. Either they feel like they shouldn’t sell dental care or they are overselling/overtreating. Both are missing out on hundreds of thousands in revenue and weeks of vacation and a healthier patient base. 
The key to success in dentistry lies in a team-based approach. You will learn the system to make informed, non-pressurized decisions that benefit patient health, motivate your team …and ethically enhance your profits
Join us May 20th at 2 pm EST to learn how to close cases the right way so you can better help your patients, take the pressure to sell off your shoulders, and help you earn the profits you deserve. 

Friday, May 20 @ 2 pm EST

Earn .5 CE for attending!

The Hard Truth:
No Sales = No Work

As a healthcare professional, it’s easy to feel that your role is to heal, not to sell. But don’t forget that without sales, it’s hard to keep the lights on and the x-ray machines running. 
With the right team approach, you’ll find that your patients are much more informed and motivated to accept their treatments…no hard sell required. Learn how you, your hygienist, and your treatment coordinator can make sales a team effort where everyone feels comfortable, happy, and living their best lives. 

Learning Objectives
After completing this webinar, participants will be able to:​

  • Set the stage with a selling environment that involves--but doesn’t solely rely on--you 
  • Dedicate space so your treatment coordinator has a comfortable place to present and close 
  • Show value so patients understand not just what they’re getting, but WHY 
  • Provide payment options so patients can get what they need, and you can get the compensation you deserve 
  • How to make sales compassionate, ethical, and overwhelmingly profitable
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