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ADA Credits: 1 | AGD Credits: 1 | Cost: $19.00

Identifying Sleep Apnea In Your Dental Patients

Categories: Sleep Medicine

Author(s): Nicole Greenman, Steve Greenman

Course Type: Self-instruction journal and web based activity

Target Audience: Dental Assistants, Dentists from novice to advanced

Educational Objectives

After completing this webinar, participants will be able to identify:

  • The impact of sleep apnea on your patient's quality of life
  • Science of sleep and how the positioning of the jaw impacts the airway
  • Dental signs of sleep apnea and patient evaluation processes for oral appliance therapy treatment
  • Oral appliance therapy treatment (OAT) results and how to make OAT a pragmatic portion of your practice
  • Valuable resources for implementing medical billing and OAT manufacturer partnerships


The need for dentists to take a greater role in the identification and treatment of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) has never been higher; according to a Harvard health report approximately 25 million adults in the U.S. suffer from the condition and almost 19 million of them are undiagnosed. OSA is a condition that affects the airway and since dentists and dental hygienists see the airway of their dental patients every day, they can potentially be the first line of defense in the identification of OSA. During this webinar, we will explore screening options to identify OSA patients in your practice, oral signs and symptoms, the referral process, how oral appliances work, and device options by patient type.

COMMERCIAL SUPPORTER: This course has been made possible through an unrestricted educational grant from Somnomed.

ADA Credits: 1 | AGD Credits: 1 | Cost: $19.00

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