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Dr. Fiona M. Collins, BDS, MBA, MA, Noel Brandon-Kelsch, RDHAP, MS

Infection Prevention: Risk Reduction and Compliance in the Dental Office

Effective infection control requires an understanding of modes of transmission and how to prevent this from occurring. Risk reduction requires solutions that could result in the elimination of a risk factor or reduce the chance of that risk factor causing harm.

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Rubén Rosas, DDS, Jorge Vera, DDS, MSc, PhD (Hon)

2D vs 3D Imaging in Endodontics: CBCT Application in Modern Endodontic Treatment

The use of cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) in endodontics has expanded in recent years. 3D imaging adequately supports the interpretation of dental anatomy and surrounding areas during root canal therapy.

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Michael Teitelbaum, DMD, MAGD, FACD

Technique Guide to Basic Layering with an Omnichromatic Universal Composite

For decades, dentistry has recognized the need to block out (cosmetically mask) deep stains and lingual deficiencies in tooth structure to prevent unsightly show-through. This paper describes past and present concepts in composite resin in general and blocking out in particular.

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