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ADA Credits: 2 | AGD Credits: 2 | Cost: $29.00

AIDS & HIV Compliance: 40 Years After the Emergence of the Virus ... Where Are We Now?

Categories: Public Health

Author(s): Lisa Dowst-Mayo, RDH, BSDH, MHA

Course Type: Self-instruction journal and web based activity

Target Audience: Dental Assistants, Dental Hygienist, Dentists from novice to advanced

Educational Objectives

After completing this course, the reader should be able to:
1. Discuss individual patient risk and disease indicators of HIV infection.
2. Recognize HIV structure and behavior in the human body and relate that to subsequent disease progression and drug therapy interventions.
3. Identify systemic and oral clinical manifestations associated with HIV/AIDS and offer patient counseling to improve quality of life

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Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) is a global epidemic as described by the World Health Organization and causes acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS). Globally, 37.9 million people are infected, with 1.2 million cases in the United States.1 Although antiretroviral medications are available to reduce viral activity and infection severity, no vaccine or drug exists to cure or eliminate HIV. Dental practitioners are in an ideal position to identify and improve quality of life for patients living with HIV as more than 50% will suffer with oral diseases. This course will present HIV structure, transmission, drug therapy, and clinical manifestations to assist healthcare providers with appropriate interventions and recommendations.

ADA Credits: 2 | AGD Credits: 2 | Cost: $29.00

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