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Around the Blocks in 60 Minutes

Categories: Anesthesia and Sedation, Dental Hygiene

Speaker(s): Dr. Mel Hawkins, Kathy B. Bassett, BSDH, RDH, MEd

Date: 2021-09-16 08:00:00

Location: Online Webinar

Contact Hours: 1 CE

Event Details

Webinar Description
Local anesthesia is the dentist’s, dental hygienists and patient’s primary functional relationship for pain control in dentistry. This Webinar is presented in conjunction with Dental Learning™ and focuses solely on mandibular block local anesthesia techniques. As such it seeks answers to the often-asked question, “Why Do I Only Get a Bad Batch in the Mandible?” 

The neuroanatomy and histology of the pterygomandibular triangle will be reviewed to better understand the complexities of conventional inferior alveolar blocks (a.k.a. “standard” or “Halstead”). After a look at the “pros and cons” of conventional inferior alveolar blocks, we will discuss why short-needle blocks and the anatomically superior Akinosi (Closed Mouth) and Gow-Gates (High Ramal / Condylar Neck) high block techniques are so successful. 

What is within our control? What is not? What can we do about it? These are questions which we all struggle to answer in our day-to-day practices. A multi-tasking or “mix and match” hybrid approach will be examined to increase patient comfort. These advanced techniques alone or in combination can result in predictably higher success rates.

Learning Objectives
After completing this webinar, participants will be able to:
» Understand the anatomical complexities of the pterygomandibular triangle

» Review basic Halstead mandibular block landmarks and anatomy

» Analyze the reasons for failure of mandibular blocks

» Compare and contrast features of high block techniques

» Consider benefits for both patient comfort and clinician confidence

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