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Categories: Ethics, Jurisprudence, and Malpractice

Author(s): Chester J. Gary, DDS, JD

This course will critically review the legal requirements for patient recordkeeping and focus upon telling the patient’s story in order make good dentistry legally defensible. Case analyses will...

ADA Credits: 1 | AGD Credits: 1 | Cost: $19.00

Categories: Ethics, Jurisprudence, and Malpractice, Health and Medical Topics, Compliance Courses

Author(s): Nancy W. Burkhart, EdD, MEd, BSDH, AFAAOM

Though problematic on a global scale, human trafficking has become a heightened concern in the United States. In this course, the types of human trafficking are discussed with variations in gender,...

ADA Credits: 2 | AGD Credits: 2 | Cost: $29.00