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“Doctor, I Don’t Want to Sue You, Because Then You Can’t Be My Dentist”: Risk Reduction Techniques and Informed Consent for Dentists, Staff and Risk Managers

Categories: Practice Management

Speaker(s): Chester J. Gary, DDS, JD

Date: 2021-06-07 08:00:00

Location: Live Online Webinar

Contact Hours: 1

Event Details

1 CE Webinar: $25 - Case presentations highlight the various general dental and specialty procedures that present the greatest risk for practitioner liability. Discussions explore the anatomy of a dental malpractice case and dissect the underlying medico-legal process. Case analyses focus upon clinical and management skills necessary to reduce the incidence of patient dissatisfaction and potential injury and subsequent legal, administrative or ethical complaints.The presentation reviews the legal duties implied in the formation of the dentist-patient relationship. This includes the informed consent process as a primary risk management technique, competency to consent, standards of disclosure, the interrelationship between failure to obtain valid informed consent and malpractice, and documentation necessary to make good dentistry defensible.A professional liability risk management plan outlines the terms to include in a malpractice insurance policy, reporting requirements, exclusions, the resolution of patient complaints and what to do, and what not to do, when sued.

Learning Objectives:
» Identify and Assess risk factors in their current practices
» Reduce or prevent the incidence of patient injury or dissatisfaction though clinical and management strategies.
» Reduce or prevent the likelihood of a malpractice claim or disciplinary complaint in the event of patient injury or dissatisfaction with a professional liability risk management plan
» Build trust in the dentist-patient relationship with an effective informed consent process

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