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Namaste in My Op

Categories: Practice Mangement

Speaker(s): Sarah Clark, RDH, IPDH, CSMC

Date: 2019-09-21 15:30:00

Location: 4301 W Markham Street Little Rock, AR 72205

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Upcoming Event: Namaste in My Op 

A career in dentistry is stressful! Learn to achieve your personal & professional wellness full circle as it starts with you, applies to the clinical setting and can change the outcome and approach to patient care. Delve into your personal stress profile and learn tools to modify and adapt to it in an interactive, fun and relateable course. Predict your patients before they dictate the outcome of an appointment, and provide them with the tools necessary to combat their own stress. Better yet, learn to avoid the stress a patient can bring upon us! Lastly, review the clinical tools that keep making the career of a dental hygienist more stress-free!
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